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Supporting Youth Arts Education On Whidbey and Beyond

Picturesque Whidbey Island Washington is home to the Choochokam Arts Foundation, parent of the longest running independent music and arts festival in the Pacific Northwest, and has as its mandate the support of arts education in schools, both on and off Whidbey Island. Over the last forty years we’ve been delighted to have you join us as we celebrate the annual Choochokam Makers + Music Festival with you.

As a Foundation, we can provide grants and support to a number of programs through sponsorships and traditional fundraising, with our goal being the ability to increase the support we provide first to local island programs, then to the region when possible.

In the past four years, Choochkam Arts Foundation has worked to support Whidbey Children’s Theatre and their arts programs through grants from the Foundation, but so many other programs also are in need. 

To make it possible to increase our support to the arts programs as we move into the future, rather than holding the festival and diminishing the support we are able to provide, Choochokam Arts Foundation will be shuttering the Festival for a few years while we focus on continuing to support community arts programs like Whidbey Children’s Theatre. Increasing the scope and size of our support by reserving our resources for the programs themselves is the best way we can fulfill the mandate of the Foundation. 

We invite you to join us in supporting our local programs and hope to see you at one of our supported events soon!

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